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Name:Thomas Bunnymund
Birthdate:May 1
Location:United States of America
Once upon a time, the childhood fables--Jack Frost, the Sandman and all the rest--were growing old, and tired, and starting to die. So that their legacies would survive, they had children.

The competition, and the businesses, were formed by the first generation of children. Each legend had had only one child, but the next generation had more. So they devised a plan: A competition between their children to see who would take on the title next.

Fast-forward a few hundred years. The legends have their own businesses now. Bunny Inc.(and several of it's subsidiaries) deal in everything there is when it comes to Spring, spring fashion, gardening supplies, etc. Much like his family, the business grew and multiplied quickly. The only difference from previous generations is that before when there were always competition for who'd be the next to take the title of Easter Bunny, the title almost wasn't taken back up, because who wants to hide eggs for little recognition?

Thomas, that's who. While others in the family may have forgotten what Spring is about, he still remembers. It's about new life, and the hope it can bring, as well as the occasional smile on a kids face when they find his eggs.

So while he may not look it, he is the latest heir of the Easter Bunny title, along with all the abilities that come with it, even if Thomas isn't the warrior his ancestors were.

Link to everything you'd want to know about Thomas and more.

((OOC: Muse and mun are both over 18, Part of the profile was taken verbatim from here and the idea was gotten from a MMW they put up. I am not the Easter Bunny, Patrick J Adams, nor do I own either. Thomas however is mine, with some things taken from the stories of the Easter Bunny and "Rise of the Guardians"(which once again, I do not own). Please don't sue.))

Interests (6):

carrots, eggs, flowers, jumping, rabbits(not in that way), spring
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